Pirate Vocabulary List

Avast ye landlubbers! Test ye vocabulary with these pirate vocabulary words!

  1. ahoy | see definition»

    used in calling out to a passing ship or boat

  2. avast | see definition»

    a nautical command to stop or cease

  3. booty | see definition»

    goods seized from an enemy in war or by robbery

  4. buccaneer | see definition»

    a person who tries to become wealthy or powerful by doing things that are illegal or dishonest

  5. capsize | see definition»

    to turn over : UPSET

  6. crow's nest | see definition»

    a partly enclosed place to stand high on the mast of a ship for use as a lookout

  7. cutlass | see definition»

    a short heavy curved sword

  8. hijack | see definition»

    to stop and steal or steal from a moving vehicle

  9. Jolly Roger | see definition»

    a black flag with a white skull and crossbones formerly used by pirates as their ensign

  10. landlubber | see definition»

    a person who lives on land and knows little or nothing about the sea

  11. mutiny | see definition»

    a turning of a group (as of sailors) against a person in charge

  12. plunder | see definition»

    to rob or steal especially openly and by force (as during war)

  13. swashbuckler | see definition»

    a swaggering or daring soldier or adventurer

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