Mystery Vocabulary List

Search for clues and test your vocabulary with these mystery words!

  1. alibi | see definition»

    an excuse for not being somewhere or doing something

  2. clue | see definition»

    something that helps a person to find something or to solve a mystery

  3. culprit | see definition»

    a person accused of, charged with, or guilty of a crime or fault

  4. deduction | see definition»

    a conclusion reached by reasoning

  5. deerstalker | see definition»

    a close-fitting hat with a visor at the front and the back and with earflaps that may be worn up or down

  6. fingerprint | see definition»

    the unique pattern of marks made by pressing the tip of a finger on a surface

  7. forensic | see definition»

    relating to the use of scientific knowledge or methods in solving crimes

  8. investigate | see definition»

    to study by close examination and questioning

  9. magnifying glass | see definition»

    a lens that makes something seen through it appear larger than it actually is

  10. motive | see definition»

    a reason for doing something

  11. red herring | see definition»

    something unimportant that is used to stop people from noticing or thinking about something important

  12. sleuth | see definition»

    someone who looks for information to solve crimes : detective

  13. suspect | see definition»

    a person who is thought to be guilty of something

  14. witness | see definition»

    a person who sees or otherwise has personal knowledge of something

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