Camping Words Vocabulary List

Grab your sleeping bag and and get ready for s'mores because we're going camping.

  1. bonfire | see definition»

    a large fire built in the open air

  2. canteen | see definition»

    a small container for carrying water or other liquids

  3. compass | see definition»

    a device having a magnetic needle that indicates direction on the earth's surface by pointing toward the north

  4. grizzly bear | see definition»

    a very large brown bear (Ursus arctos) of northwestern North America

  5. hammock | see definition»

    a swinging bed made of fabric or netting attached on either end to an upright object (as a tree)

  6. hike | see definition»

    a long walk especially for pleasure or exercise

  7. kindling | see definition»

    material that burns easily and is used for starting a fire

  8. lantern | see definition»

    a usually portable lamp with a protective covering

  9. rucksack | see definition»

    a bag for carrying things on the shoulders or back

  10. s'more | see definition»

    a sweet food that is made by putting a melted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between two crackers

  11. sleeping bag | see definition»

    a large fabric bag that is warmly lined for sleeping outdoors or in a camp or tent

  12. stake | see definition»

    a pointed piece (as of wood) that is driven into the ground as a marker or a support for something

  13. sunblock | see definition»

    a preparation applied to the skin to prevent sunburn usually by blocking the sun's ultraviolet radiation

  14. tent | see definition»

    a portable shelter (as of canvas) stretched and supported by poles

  15. trail | see definition»

    a path marked through a forest or mountainous region

  16. trail mix | see definition»

    a mixture of seeds, nuts, and dried fruits eaten as a snack especially by hikers

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