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  1. one who acts professionally (as in a play, movie, or television show) a brawling actor who is in danger of becoming better known as a thug than as a thesp Synonyms impersonator, mummer, player, actor, thespian, trouperRelated Words barnstormer, enactor, entertainer, performer; actress, starlet; lead, leading lady, leading man, star; coactor, costar; extra, spear-carrier, supernumerary, walk-on; monologuist (or monologist); prima donna, scene-stealer; double, understudy; comedian, farceur; tragedian, tragedienne; ape, aper, ham, imitator, impressionist, masker, masquerader, mime, mimic, pantomime, pantomimist, personator, poser; buffoon, clown, harlequin, stooge, zanyAntonyms nonactor

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