Synonyms and Antonyms of script

  1. 1 the form or style of a particular person's writing has a neat, careful script with delicate loops Synonyms hand, penmanship, handwritingRelated Words cacography, hen scratch, hen track, scratch, scrawl, scribble; backhand, copperplate, cursive, print, running hand; autograph, John Hancock, John Henry, signature

  2. 2 the written form of a story prepared for film production sold two scripts to the movie studio Synonyms scenario, screenplayRelated Words shooting script; story, text

  3. 3 writing done by hand sending a thank-you note in script—and not just an e-mail—is the only proper way to express one's gratitude Synonyms calligraphy, longhand, manuscript, penmanship, handwritingRelated Words lettering; phonography, shorthand, steno, stenographyAntonyms print, type, typewriting

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