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  1. 1 a person who creates a written work <the prolific penman of dozens of horror stories> Synonyms litterateur (or littérateur), pen, author, scribe, scrivener, writerRelated Words auteur, belletrist (also belle-lettrist), stylist, wordsmith; coauthor, coscenarist, cowriter; ghostwriter, hack, hatchet man, scribbler, wordmonger; biographer, hagiographer; autobiographer, memoirist, memorialist; fabulist, fictioneer, fictionist, novelist, romancer, storyteller; essayist, pamphleteer, satirist; dramatist, playwright, scenarist, screenwriter, scriptwriter; prosaist, prosateur, proser; bard, poet, rhymer, versifier; blogger, columnist, journalist, newspaperman, paragrapher, reporter, sportswriterAntonyms nonauthor

  2. 2 one who writes from dictation or copies manuscripts <an essay on Jacob Shallus, the penman who inked the United States Constitution> Synonyms amanuensis, calligrapher, copyist, scribe, scrivener

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