Synonyms and Antonyms of malefactor

  1. 1 a person who commits moral wrongs she regards anyone who would cause the breakup of a family as a malefactor of the worst sort Synonyms immoralist, evildoer, sinner, wrongdoerRelated Words criminal, crook, felon, lawbreaker, miscreant, misdoer, misfeasor, offender, reprobate, transgressor, villain; corrupter (also corruptor)Near Antonyms angel, innocent, saint

  2. 2 a person who has committed a crime the victim was able to give a clear description of the malefactor to the police Synonyms crook, culprit, felon, lawbreaker, criminal, miscreant, offenderRelated Words misdemeanant; accomplice, principal; desperado, outlaw; convict, jailbird; perp, perpetrator; evildoer, gallows bird, misdoer, misfeasor, sinner, transgressor, trespasser, villain, wrongdoer; blackhander, button man, gangster, hoodlum, hooligan, mobster, racketeer, thug; enforcer, gun, gunman, gunsel [slang], hit man, triggerman; backslider, recidivist, relapser, repeater; accused, arrestee, defendant, detainee, fish, suspectNear Antonyms gangbuster, lawman

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