Synonyms and Antonyms of levee

  1. 1 a bank of earth constructed to control water the raging floodwaters were too much for the levee to handle Synonyms dike, embankment, head, damRelated Words breakwater, jetty, seawall; breastwork, bulwark, earthwork, rampart; canal, channel, ditch, gutter, trough; lock; barricade, barrier, block; floodgate, sluice; barrage, milldam, stank [British], weir

  2. 2 a structure used by boats and ships for taking on or landing cargo and passengers we tied the boat up at the levee and started unloading the fish we had caught Synonyms float, jetty, landing, dock, pier, quai, quay, wharfRelated Words berth, mooring, slip; embarcadero [West]; dockyard, marina, quayage, shipyard, wharfage

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