Synonyms and Antonyms of larcenist

  1. one who steals when the serial larcenist Willie Sutton was asked why he continued to rob banks, he supposedly replied, “because that's where the money is” Synonyms thief, pincher, purloiner, robber, stealerRelated Words burglar, cat burglar, cracksman, housebreaker, picklock, safecracker; embezzler, grafter; klepto, kleptomaniac; sneak thief; cutpurse, dip [slang], pickpocket, pilferer, shoplifter; abductor, carjacker, hijacker, kidnapper (also kidnaper), skyjacker; despoiler, looter, pillager, plunderer, ransacker, ravisher; poacher, rustler, smuggler; bandit, footpad, highwayman, pirate; mugger

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