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  1. 1 how surprising, doubtful, or unbelievable fie! you expect me to believe that sorry excuse? Synonyms ah, aha, come on, no, indeed, my word, pshaw, well, what, whyRelated Words gee, gee whiz, ha, hello, hey, lo, oh; fiddlesticks, phooey, pooh; there; oops (or whoops also woops), ugh; egad, gad, gadzooks [archaic], the deuce, the devil, the dickens, zounds

  2. 2 used to express disgust fie on anyone who disagrees! Synonyms faugh, yuck, phew, phooey, rats, ugh, yech (or yecch)Related Words ah, bah, boo, humph, pish, pooh, pshaw, sheesh, tush, tut, tut-tut; alack, alas, woeNear Antonyms yum-yum

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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