Synonyms and Antonyms of blob

  1. 1 a small uneven mass flicked a blob of jelly on the toast and began to spread it around Synonyms lump, chunk, clod, clot, clump, dollop, glob, gob, gobbet, hunk, knob, nub, nubble, nugget, wadRelated Words bead, drop, globule; block, body, bulk; particle, piece, portion; bit, chip, crumb, granule, morsel, nubbin, patch, scrap

  2. 2 the quantity of fluid that falls naturally in one rounded mass got a blob of honey on his sweater Synonyms bead, drop, driblet, drip, droplet, glob, globuleRelated Words gobbet; dewdrop, raindrop, tear, teardrop; spatter; dribble, trickle

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