Synonyms and Antonyms of acrobat

  1. 1 one who performs feats of physical strength, balance, and agility on special apparatus <a child who is a natural acrobat with a superb sense of balance> Synonyms gymnast, turner Related Words exerciser, tumbler; contortionist, equilibrist; aerialist, ropedancer, ropewalker, trampoliner, trampolinist, trapeze artist, trapezist

  2. 2 a person who dexterously and expediently changes or adopts opinions <a political acrobat whose opinion on any issue is whatever will get the most votes> Synonyms chameleon, chancer [British], opportunist, temporizer, timeserver, trimmer, weathercock Related Words egoist, egotist, self-seeker; conniver, machinator, plotter, schemer

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