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noun wid·ow–mak·er \ˈwi-(ˌ)dō-ˌmā-kər\

Medical Definition of widow–maker

  1. :  a blockage in a branch of the left coronary artery that commonly causes a fatal heart attack <As the dye fills the coronary arteries surrounding and feeding the heart muscle, they can often be seen with remarkable clarity. So can the small constrictions inside the vessels—“widow-makers,” cardiologists call them …—H. Garrett DeYoung, High Technology, March 1983>; also :  the branch of the left coronary artery susceptible to fatal blockage <One of my arteries—one known as “the widowmaker”—was almost completely blocked.—Rob Mikulak, The Asheville (North Carolina) Citizen-Times, 6 Feb. 2011>

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widow maker



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