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torcular Herophili

noun tor·cu·lar He·roph·i·li \ˈtȯr-kyə-lər-he-ˈräf-ə-ˌlī\

Medical Definition of torcular Herophili

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\he-ˈräf-ə-ləs\play (335 BC? –280 BC?), Greek physician. Herophilus is often called the father of anatomy because of his advocacy of dissection and especially human dissection as an essential means to an understanding of human anatomy. He investigated the brain's cavities and followed the sinuses of the dura mater to their meeting point. He likened the junction of the sinuses to a winepress, and accordingly the junction has since been known as the torcular Herophili, torcular being the Latin word meaning “winepress.” None of his original works have survived; he is known only through Galen and other later writers.

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