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temporal artery


Medical Definition of temporal artery

  1. 1:  either of two branches of the maxillary artery that supply the temporalis and anastomose with the middle temporal artery—called also deep temporal artery

  2. 2a:  superficial temporal arteryb:  a branch of the superficial temporal artery that arises just above the zygomatic arch, sends branches to the temporalis, and forms anastomoses with the deep temporal artery—called also middle temporal artery

  3. 3:  any of three branches of the middle cerebral artery:a:  one that supplies the anterior parts of the superior, middle, and inferior temporal gyri—called also anterior temporal arteryb:  one that supplies the middle parts of the superior and middle temporal gyri—called also intermediate temporal arteryc:  one that supplies the middle and posterior parts of the superior temporal gyrus and the posterior parts of the middle and inferior temporal gyri—called also posterior temporal artery

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