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noun phar·ming \ˈfär-miŋ\

Medical Definition of pharming

  1. 1:  the production of pharmaceuticals by genetically engineered plants or animals Part of the reason why pharming has been so slow to take off is technological … . Getting plants to make foreign proteins such as antibodies requires genetic engineering, which is a slow, hit-and-miss process.—Hal Hodson, New Scientist, 2 June 2012; also :  the process by which plants or animals are genetically engineered to produce such substances … hoping to capitalize on “pharming”—altering animals genetically so they become drug factories pumping out medicine in milk and urine.—David Wahlberg, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 19 Jan. 2003

  2. 2:  the recreational use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs Many students report what they call “pharming”: using stimulants for recreation and to work more efficiently (with a reduced need for sleep).—Richard Kadison, The New England Journal of Medicine, 15 Sept. 2005; specifically :  the sharing or mixing of such drugs for recreational use especially among teenagers This isn't an ordinary party—it's a pharming party, a get-together arranged while parents are out so the kids can barter for their favorite prescription drugs.—Carolyn Banta, Time, 1 Aug. 2005

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