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open–angle glaucoma

noun open–an·gle glaucoma \ˌō-pən-ˈaŋ-gəl-\

Medical Definition of open–angle glaucoma

  1. :  a progressive form of glaucoma in which the channel formed between the iris and the cornea remains open and tissue changes along the channel gradually reduce drainage of the aqueous humor through the trabecular meshwork of the eye's anterior chamber Open-angle glaucoma is characterized by a gradual loss of vision. A serious reduction in vision occurs only in the advanced stages of the disease. The most common cause of an optic neuropathy in the general population is open-angle glaucoma; it is often asymptomatic and results in slowly progressive peripheral visual-field constriction over a period of years.—Dean M. Cestari et al., The New England Journal of Medicine, 25 Dec. 2008—compare angle-closure glaucoma

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