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noun kra·me·ria \krə-ˈmir-ē-ə\

Medical Definition of krameria

  1. 1 capitalized :  a genus of shrubs that are usually placed with the legumes (family Leguminosae) or sometimes in their own family (Krameriaceae) and include two (K. triandra and K. argentea) with astringent roots formerly used in pharmacy

  2. 2:  the dried roots of either of two plants of the genus Krameria (K. triandra and K. argentea)—called also rhatany

Biographical Note for krameria


\ˈkrä-mər\play ,

Johann Georg Heinrich

(died 1742), Austrian botanist. Kramer was also a military surgeon and had the advanced idea that scurvy can be cured by the inclusion of lemons and limes in the diet. The genus Krameria was named in his honor by Linnaeus in 1758.

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