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transitive verb in·tu·bate \ˈin-(ˌ)t(y)ü-ˌbāt, -tə-\

Medical Definition of intubate




  1. :  to perform intubation on I had trained in the intensive care unit. I could start a central line, intubate a patient in respiratory failure, and insert a pacemaker.—Margaret Seton, The New England Journal of Medicine, 29 Sept. 2011 I'm very nervous, because I haven't intubated many children and I'm not sure how big she is or what size endotracheal tube I'll need.—Valerie Norton, in Emergency!, 1996 Twenty consecutive pediatric patients … whose tracheas had been intubated for various causes of respiratory failure, and who had received a CT scan, were included in our study.—Kevin R. Bock et al., Chest, 1 Aug. 2000

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