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hydatid of Morgagni

noun hydatid of Mor·ga·gni \-mȯr-ˈgän-yē\

Medical Definition of hydatid of Morgagni

  1. 1:  a small stalked or pedunculated body found between the testicle and the head of the epididymis in the male or attached to the fimbriae of the fallopian tube or the broad ligament in the female and considered to be a remnant of the duct of the pronephros or of the upper end of the Müllerian duct

  2. 2:  a small stalkless or sessile body found in the same situation as the hydatid of Morgagni in the male only and considered to be a remnant of the Müllerian duct

Biographical Note for hydatid of morgagni

G. B. Morgagni

, —see crypt of morgagni

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