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harderian gland

noun, often capitalized H har·de·ri·an gland \(ˈ)här-ˈdir-ē-ən-\

Medical Definition of harderian gland

  1. :  an accessory lacrimal gland on the inner side of the orbit in reptiles and birds but usually degenerate in mammals

Biographical Note for harderian gland


\ˈhär-dər\play ,

Johann Jacob

(1656–1711), Swiss anatomist. Harder was at various times professor of physics, anatomy, botany, and medicine at the University of Basle. He was one of the first to write on physiology and toxicology. In 1693 he described an accessory lacrimal gland of the orbit that is present in some animals. The gland is now known as the harderian gland.

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