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crypt of Morgagni

noun crypt of Mor·ga·gni \-mȯr-ˈgän-yē\

Medical Definition of crypt of Morgagni

  1. :  any of the pouched cavities of the rectal mucosa immediately above the anorectal junction, intervening between vertical folds of the rectal mucosa

Biographical Note for crypt of morgagni



Giovanni Battista

(1682–1771), Italian anatomist and pathologist. Often called the “father of pathology,” Morgagni is considered to be the founder of modern pathological anatomy. He was the first to demonstrate the necessity for basing diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment on knowledge of anatomical conditions. In 1761 he published De Sedibus et Causis Morborum (The Seats and Causes of Diseases), a monumental work that established him as one of the greatest figures in the history of medicine.

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