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cleidocranial dysplasia

noun clei·do·cra·ni·al dysplasia \ˌklī-dō-ˈkrā-nē-əl-\
variants: or

cleidocranial dysostosis

Medical Definition of cleidocranial dysplasia

  1. :  a rare congenital condition characterized especially by partial or complete absence of the clavicles, defective ossification of the skull, and faulty occlusion due to missing, misplaced, or extra teeth Characteristics of cleidocranial dysplasia are alveolar bone abnormalities, impaired dental exfoliation, supernumerary teeth, and lack of cementum in roots.—Bodo Grimbacher et al., The New England Journal of Medicine, 4 Mar. 1999 Cleidocranial dysplasia is typically inherited as an autosomal dominant trait requiring that one parent pass on a copy of the defective gene on a chromosome other than a sex chromosome.

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