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noun chro·mo·en·dos·co·py \ˌkrō-mō-en-ˈdä-skə-pē\
variants: also


\krō-ˈmä-skə-pē\ play

Medical Definition of chromoendoscopy



  1. :  a technique involving the topical application of stains or dyes (such as methylene blue, crystal violet, or Congo red) to tissues especially of the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract during endoscopic examination to enhance and facilitate detection and identification of abnormal cell growth (as that related to Barrett's esophagus, chronic ulcerative colitis, or cancers of the stomach, or colon) Newer endoscopic techniques that are gaining acceptance, such as chromoendoscopy … may better delineate suspicious mucosal patterns and improve the detection of dysplasia.—Silvio Danese and Claudio Fiocchi, The New England Journal of Medicine, 3 Nov. 2011


\ˌkrō-mō-ˌen-də-ˈskä-pik\ play also


\ˌkrō-mə-ˈskä-pik\ play adjective chromoendoscopic methods chromoendoscopic colonoscopy

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