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chenodeoxycholic acid

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noun che·no·de·ox·y·cho·lic acid \ˌkē-(ˌ)nō-ˌdē-ˌäk-si-ˌkō-lik-, -ˌkäl-ik-\
variants: or

chenodesoxycholic acid


Medical Definition of chenodeoxycholic acid

  1. :  a bile acid C24H40O4 that is usually found conjugated with glycine or taurine in various vertebrates (as hens, geese, hogs, and bears) including humans, that facilitates fat absorption and cholesterol excretion, and that is used to dissolve gallstones which are not calcified Chenodeoxycholic acid is often called chenodiol when it is used as a drug to dissolve gallstones.

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