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cauda equina

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noun cauda equi·na \-ek-ˈwē-nə, -ē-ˈkwī-nə\

Medical Definition of cauda equina


caudae equinae

\-ek-ˈwē-ˌnī, -ē-ˈkwī-ˌnē\play
  1. :  the roots of the spinal nerves that extend beyond the termination of the spinal cord at the first lumbar vertebra in the form of a bundle of filaments within the vertebral canal resembling a horse's tail From its tip at the base of the spine, about 20 stringy nerves—called the cauda equina, or horse's tail—travel downward within a fluid-filled sac.—Bruce H. Dobkin, Discover, November 1996

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