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capsule endoscopy


Medical Definition of capsule endoscopy

  1. :  visualization of the interior of the digestive tract by means of a wireless camera encased in a pill-sized capsule that is swallowed The concept of capsule endoscopy is quite simple—the patient swallows a small camera which takes pictures as it tumbles through the length of the digestive tract … . The capsule contains a light source that acts as a flash, a camera for taking pictures, and a transmitter that sends the images for storage to a device worn around the patient's waist.—Benjamin Siemanowski, The Bellingham (Washington) Herald, 12 Dec. 2009

capsule endoscope

noun Over the last four years, a so-called capsule endoscope—a grape-sized camera-in-a-pill that takes pictures of a patient's small intestines—has gone from being a novelty to an established method of diagnosing problems in the small intestines, including bleeding, pain and cancer.—Michael E. Hochman, The Boston Globe, 28 June 2005

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