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Blalock–Taussig operation

noun Bla·lock–Taus·sig operation \ˈblā-ˌläk-ˈtau̇-sig-\

Medical Definition of Blalock–Taussig operation

  1. :  surgical correction of the tetralogy of Fallot—called also blue-baby operation

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(1899–1964), and



Helen B.

(1898–1986), American physicians. Blalock and Taussig were on the staff of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Based upon Taussig's theory that the cause of cyanosis in infants was a functional lack of oxygen, Blalock (a surgeon) developed an operation in which the pulmonary artery and a healthy systemic artery were spliced to bypass any constriction or blockage, thereby giving the lungs sufficient blood for oxygenation. The Blalock-Taussig operation was first performed in 1944; it marked the beginning of modern heart surgery.

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