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noun bar·bo·tage \ˌbär-bə-ˈtäzh\

Medical Definition of barbotage

  1. :  the repeated injection and removal of fluid (as saline or anesthetic solution) from a part of the body spinal block anesthesia accomplished by intrathecal barbotage A saline washing (bladder barbotage) can be performed, and the washings can be evaluated to identify malignant cells.—Hunter Wessells and Bruce L. Dalkin, in NMS Surgery, 5th edition, 2008 Turbulence is created by rapid injection, barbotage (the repeated aspiration and reinjection of small amounts of CSF mixed with drug), coughing, and excessive patient movement.—Jason M. Lewis and May C. M. Smith, in Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 8th edition, 2010

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