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transitive verb au·to·trans·fuse \-tran(t)s-ˈfyüz\

Medical Definition of autotransfuse




  1. 1:  to return (blood) to a patient's circulatory system after it is taken from or lost by the same patient <If possible shed blood should be collected and autotransfused back into the patient, although autotransfusion remains controversial for patients with vascular injuries of the abdomen and concomitant gastrointestinal injuries.—Peter P. Lopez and Enrique Ginzberg, in Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence, 2008>

  2. 2:  to subject (a patient) to autotransfusion <He plans to give patients 3 L of Ringer's lactate during surgery, or if necessary, autotransfuse them.—Mark L. Fuerst, The Journal of the American Medical Association, 10 June 1983>

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