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noun ar·te·mis·i·nin \ˌärt-ə-ˈmis-ən-ən\

Medical Definition of artemisinin

  1. :  an antimalarial drug C15H22O5 that is a peroxide derivative of sesquiterpene, is obtained from the leaves of a Chinese artemisia (Artemisia annua) or is made synthetically, and is typically administered with other antimalarial agents (as mefloquine or amodiaquine) … a new synthetic biology technique that produces artemisinin in a vat may act as a buffer against potential supply crises.—Katherine Bourzac, Discover, January 2014 On the Thai-Cambodian border, a rogue strain of malaria has started to resist artemisinin, the only remaining effective drug in the world's arsenal against malaria's most deadly strain, Plasmodium falciparum.—Christopher Shay, Time, 14 Nov. 2009—see artemether, artesunate

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