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noun ad·ams·ite \ˈad-əm-ˌzīt\

Medical Definition of adamsite

  1. :  a yellow crystalline arsenical C12H9AsClN used as a respiratory irritant in some forms of tear gas—called also diphenylaminechlorarsine

Biographical Note for adamsite




(1889–1971), American chemist. One of the foremost organic chemists of his day, Adams is remembered for determining the chemical composition of several natural substances. He analyzed chaulmoogra oil, the toxic cottonseed pigment gossypol, marijuana, and many alkaloids. He was the first American chemist to produce butacaine and procaine. He also worked in stereochemistry and with platinum catalysts and on the synthesis of medicinal compounds. He developed the poisonous gas adamsite for the United States Army during World War I, but the war ended before it could be used.

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