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abruptio placentae

play play
noun ab·rup·tio pla·cen·tae \ə-ˌbrəp-shē-ˌō-plə-ˈsent-(ˌ)ē, -tē-ˌō-\

Medical Definition of abruptio placentae


abruptio placentarum

\-ˌplas-ən-ˈtar-əm, -ˈtär-\play play or

abruptiones placentarum

\-shē-ˌō-(ˌ)nēz-, -tē-ˌō-ˌnās-\play play
  1. :  premature detachment of the placenta from the wall of the uterus—called also ablatio placentae

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