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Wertheim operation

noun Wert·heim operation \ˈvert-ˌhīm-\
variants: or

Wertheim's operation


Medical Definition of Wertheim operation

  1. :  radical hysterectomy performed by way of an abdominal incision

Biographical Note for wertheim operation




(1864–1920), Austrian gynecologist. Wertheim held a series of surgical positions at women's clinics in Vienna. As a gynecologist he devoted much time to research and is remembered for his fundamental research on gonorrhea in the female genital tract. Wertheim is best known for his development of a radical abdominal operation for cervical cancer. He first performed the operation in 1898 and published a full account of it in 1911. He also developed an operation for prolapse of the uterus, presenting a written account of it in 1919.

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