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Weber test

noun We·ber test
variants: or

Weber's test

\ˈweb-ər(z)-, ˈvā-bər(z)-\play play

Medical Definition of Weber test

  1. :  a test to determine the nature of unilateral hearing loss in which a vibrating tuning fork is held against the forehead at the midline and conduction deafness is indicated if the sound is heard more loudly in the affected ear and nerve deafness is indicated if it is heard more loudly in the normal ear

Biographical Note for weber test


\ˈvā-bər-ˈlēl\play ,

Friedrich Eugen

(1832–1891), German otologist. Weber-Liel taught otology at the universities of Berlin and Jena. He is remembered for a surgical operation consisting of a tenotomy of the tensor tympani. This operation was used in the treatment of certain forms of partial deafness, subjective aural sensations, and the vertiginous feelings associated with these.

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