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Waterhouse–Friderichsen syndrome

noun Wa·ter·house–Frid·er·ich·sen syndrome \ˈwȯt-ər-ˌhau̇s-ˈfrid-(ə-)rik-sən-\

Medical Definition of Waterhouse–Friderichsen syndrome

  1. :  acute and severe meningococcemia with hemorrhage into the adrenal glands

Biographical Note for waterhouse–friderichsen syndrome




(1873–1958), British physician, and




(1886–1979), Danish physician. Waterhouse described in 1911 a syndrome of acute collapse associated with hemorrhages in the adrenal glands, usually observed in severe cases of meningitis caused by the meningococcus. Friderichsen published his own independent description of the syndrome in 1918.

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