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Waardenburg syndrome

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noun Waar·den·burg syndrome \ˈvär-dən-ˌbərg-\
variants: or

Waardenburg's syndrome

\-ˌbərgz-\play play

Medical Definition of Waardenburg syndrome

  1. :  a highly variable genetic disorder inherited as an autosomal dominant trait and marked especially by hearing loss, white hair, and especially a white forelock, widely spaced eyes, and heterochromia of the irises

Biographical Note for waardenburg syndrome


\ˈvärd-ən-ˌbu̇rḵ\play play ,

Petrus Johannes

(1886–1979), Dutch ophthalmologist. Waardenburg published his description of Waardenburg syndrome in 1951. The same syndrome had been reported on by J. van der Hoeve in 1916 and D. Klein in 1950.

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