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Vidian artery

noun Vid·i·an artery \ˈvid-ē-ən-\

Medical Definition of Vidian artery

  1. :  a branch of the maxillary artery passing through the pterygoid canal of the sphenoid bone

Biographical Note for vidian artery


\ˈgwēd-ē\play ,


( Latin

Vidus Vidius

) (1508–1569), Italian anatomist and surgeon. Guidi practiced medicine in Rome and Florence before going to Paris to serve as royal physician and as the first professor of medicine at the College Royal. He eventually became professor of philosophy and medicine at Pisa. In his writings he allied himself with classical Galenism, but about 1560 he began to record his own anatomical observations in manuscript form. He is remembered for his descriptions of the maxillary artery (the Vidian artery is one of its branches), the pterygoid canal (the Vidian canal), and the nerve of the pterygoid canal (the Vidian nerve).

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