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Stickler syndrome

noun Stick·ler syndrome \ˈstik-lər-\

Medical Definition of Stickler syndrome

  1. :  a variable disorder of connective tissue involving the skeleton, face, and eyes that is characterized by myopia, retinal detachment, cleft palate, micrognathia, flat facies, premature arthritis, hip deformity, and hyperextensibility of the large joints and that is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait

Biographical Note for stickler syndrome



Gunnar B.

(flourished 1965–67), American pediatrician. Stickler published his first description of the syndrome identified by his name in 1965 and then followed it up with another report in 1967. The earliest known description of the disorder, however, is one published in 1953 by German physician B. David.

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