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Schiff base

noun \ˈshif-\
variants: also

Schiff's base

Medical Definition of Schiff base

  1. :  any of a class of bases of the general formula RR′C=NR″ that are obtained typically by condensation of an aldehyde or ketone with a primary amine (as aniline) with elimination of water, that usually polymerize readily if made from aliphatic aldehydes, and that are used chiefly as intermediates in organic synthesis and in some cases as dyes

Biographical Note for schiff base



Hugo Josef

(1834–1915), German chemist. In 1864 Schiff discovered the condensation products of aldehydes and amines; the products are now known as Schiff bases. Two years later he introduced a test for aldehydes, in which decolorized fuchsin regains its color in the presence of aldehydes.

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