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Pfannenstiel incision

noun Pfan·nen·stiel incision \ˈ(p)fän-ən-ˌs(h)tēl-, ˈfan-\
variants: also

Pfannenstiel's incision


Medical Definition of Pfannenstiel incision

  1. :  a long, horizontal abdominal incision made below the line of the pubic hair and above the mons veneris down to and through the sheath of the rectus abdominus muscles but not the muscles themselves which are separated in the direction of their fibers The presence of a Pfannenstiel incision is common in many of these patients because of a previous cesarean section or pelvic surgery …—Edward L. Felix, Mastery of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgery, 3rd edition, 2009—called also bikini incision

Biographical Note for pfannenstiel incision



Hermann Johann

(1862–1909), German gynecologist. Pfannenstiel's incision was publicly introduced in an article published in 1900.

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