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Morquio's disease

noun Mor·quio's disease \ˈmȯr-kē-ˌōz-\

Medical Definition of Morquio's disease

  1. :  a mucopolysaccharidosis that is characterized by excretion of keratan sulfate in the urine, dwarfism, a short neck, protruding sternum, kyphosis, a flat nose, prominent upper jaw, and a waddling gait Morquio's disease is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait requiring that both parents pass on a copy of the defective gene on a chromosome other than a sex chromosome.

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(1867–1935), Uruguayan physician. Morquio held positions as a director of a pediatric clinic and as a professor of medicine at Montevideo. He published his description of Morquio's disease in 1929.

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