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Müller cell

noun Mül·ler cell
variants: or

Muller cell

\ˈmyül-ər-, ˈmil-, ˈməl-\ play

Medical Definition of Müller cell

  1. :  any of the glial fibers that extend through the entire thickness of the retina and act as a support for the other structures—called also fiber of Müller, sustentacular fiber of Müller

Biographical Note for müller cell


\ˈmuel-ər\ play ,


(1820–1864), German anatomist. Müller discovered rhodopsin in 1851. In 1856 with Rudolph A. von Kölliker (1817–1905) he demonstrated that each contraction of a frog's heart produces an electric current. In 1858 he published classic descriptions of three eye muscles: the superior and inferior muscles of the tarsal plate, the muscle that bridges the inferior orbital fissure, and the innermost fibers of the circular portion of the ciliary muscle.

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