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Leydig cell

noun Ley·dig cell \ˈlī-dig-\
variants: also

Leydig's cell


Medical Definition of Leydig cell

  1. :  a cell of interstitial tissue of the testis that is usually considered the chief source of testicular androgens and especially testosterone—called also cell of Leydig, interstitial cell of Leydig

Biographical Note for leydig cell



Franz von

(1821–1908), German anatomist. Leydig's interests included comparative anatomy, histology, and physiology. In 1850 he discovered and described the interstitial cell in a detailed account of the male sex organs. In 1857 he published a major text on the histology of humans and animals that is historically important as a major account of histology's development up to that time. The Wolffian duct was discovered and described by him in 1892.

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