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noun Le·Fort \lə-ˈfȯrt\

Medical Definition of LeFort

  1. 1:  a fracture of the maxilla and associated bones of the midface region:a or LeFort I :  a horizontal fracture of the maxilla above the apices of the teethb or LeFort II :  a pyramid-shaped fracture of the maxilla in which the lines of fracture meet at an apex near the bridge of the nosec or LeFort III :  a fracture of the maxilla and one or more facial bones so that complete separation from the skull occurs

  2. 2:  an operation for reconstruction of the midface that involves moving the maxilla and associated bones forward:a or LeFort I :  one in which the teeth-bearing part of the maxilla is repositionedb or LeFort II :  one in which the maxilla and adjacent nasal bones are repositionedc or LeFort III :  one in which the maxilla, nasal bones, and both zygomatic bones are repositioned

Biographical Note for lefort

Le Fort



(1869–1951), French surgeon. Le Fort is famous for conducting a series of exhaustive experiments in which he subjected cadaver skulls to blunt forces of different magnitudes and from a variety of directions. In his report of 1901 he found that certain types of injuries result in predictable patterns of facial fractures. His work resulted in the classification system that now bears his name. Le Fort's distinguished surgical career was marked by service in both world wars.

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