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Larsen's syndrome

noun Lar·sen's syndrome \ˈlär-sənz-\

Medical Definition of Larsen's syndrome

  1. :  a syndrome characterized by cleft palate, flattened facies, multiple congenital joint dislocations, and deformities of the foot

Biographical Note for larsen's syndrome



Loren Joseph

(1914–2001), American orthopedic surgeon. While he was on the staff of a university hospital in San Francisco in 1944 and 1945, Larsen treated a child patient suffering from severely deformed clubfeet, dislocated knees, hips, and elbows, and accompanying facial abnormalities. Observing these common characteristics in five other cases, he summarized and reported his findings on this previously unrecognized clinical entity in an article published in 1950. Later reports confirmed and supplemented the original findings, and Larsen's name subsequently became attached to the syndrome.

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