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Lancefield group

noun Lance·field group \ˈlan(t)s-ˌfēld-\
variants: also

Lancefield's group


Medical Definition of Lancefield group

  1. :  any of the serologically distinguishable groups into which most streptococci can be divided and which are based on the polysaccharide antigens present in the streptococcal cell walls—see group a, group b

Biographical Note for lancefield group



Rebecca Craighill

(1895–1981), American bacteriologist. Lancefield specialized in immunochemical studies of streptococci. In 1928 she published a study of the chemical composition and antigenicity of hemolytic streptococci. In 1933 she introduced a new method of classifying streptococci into groups according to the ability of antigens in their cell walls to induce the formation of antibodies which caused precipitation of the streptococci from solution. These groups are now known as the Lancefield groups.

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