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Jaffé reaction

noun Jaf·fé reaction \yä-ˈfā-, zhä-\
variants: also

Jaffé's reaction


Medical Definition of Jaffé reaction

  1. :  a reaction between creatinine and picric acid in alkaline solution that results in the formation of a red compound and is used to measure the amount of creatinine (as in creatinuria)

Biographical Note for jaffé reaction


\yä-ˈfā\play ,


(1841–1911), German biochemist. Jaffé was a professor of pharmacology who was known for his studies in physiological chemistry. His achievements included discovery of urobilin in the urine (1868), discovery of urobilin in the intestines (1871), isolation of indican in the urine (1877), and his reaction for the determination of creatinine (1886).

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