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Hutchinson's teeth

noun plural but singular or plural in construction Hutch·in·son's teeth \ˈhəch-ən-sənz-\

Medical Definition of Hutchinson's teeth

  1. :  peg-shaped teeth having a crescent-shaped notch in the cutting edge and occurring especially in children with congenital syphilis

Biographical Note for hutchinson's teeth



Sir Jonathan

(1828–1913), British surgeon and pathologist. Hutchinson was a pioneer in the study of congenital syphilis. He reported his discovery that notched incisor teeth are a sign of congenital syphilis in 1858. He discussed the other elements of Hutchinson's triad in a series of reports published from 1857 to 1860. The triad soon became widely used for the diagnosis of congenital syphilis.

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