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Guillain–Barré syndrome

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noun Guil·lain–Bar·ré syndrome \ˌgē-ˌlan-ˌbä-ˈrā-, ˌgē-yaⁿ-\

Medical Definition of Guillain–Barré syndrome

  1. :  a polyneuritis of unknown cause characterized especially by muscle weakness and paralysis—abbreviation GBS; called also Landry's paralysis

Biographical Note for guillain–barré syndrome


\gē-yaⁿ\play ,

Georges Charles

(1876–1961), and


\bä-rā\play ,

Jean Alexander

(1880–1967), French neurologists. Guillain published several significant neurological studies concerning the brain and the spinal column. An authority on the spinal column in particular, he made studies of the cerebrospinal fluid and the marrow of the spinal cord. Guillain and Barré published their description of the Guillain-Barré syndrome in 1916.

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